Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

In our endeavors to ensure you have a blissful and informative experience on our website, we may need to collect some information from your engagements with the website. Our servers will collect non-personal information from the various visitors to other the site. We hold visitor information in high regard. As such, the company has a privacy policy whose aim is to safeguard the right to privacy of our visitors. The privacy policy helps you understand what kind of information might be collected from you and how that information may be used.


Upon landing on the website, our servers will automatically record non-personal information about your visits such as time and date. Such kind of information is collected to gauge the amount of traffic to the site at given times. The information could be analyzed and publicly presented as aggregate statistics. This helps us understand the nature of visits and interactions carried out on the website.

The servers may also collect indirect personal information such as IP addresses. IP addresses can be used to identify your location. This kind of information is also used to gauge where our traffic comes from. Such information will not be disclosed to any third party unless the law requires us to do so. Employees, partner organizations, and contractors are the only parties with access to such information. Such information will be collected from people who wish to engage on the website by commenting or making a publication.

We may also need to collect personal identifying information such as email addresses and names. This will be done when you need to sign up for a personal account at our website or gain access to some restricted parts of the website. You may be asked to surrender your financial information if you want to transact with us. This information is also only accessible to the parties mentioned above. You, at all times, reserve the right to decline such information. You may not be able to access some services if you choose to though. The personal information may be analyzed and presented publicly as non-personal non-identifying aggregate statistics.

Access to Visitor Information

Only the three parties mentioned above have access to the information collected. They are required to commit to a non-disclosure policy. Besides these parties, the information may be disclosed to other parties only through an act of legislation or court order. We may also disclose the information if non-disclosure poses a security threat to us, our partners or the general public. We may use your contact information to get in contact with you regarding various services that we offer.


Cookies are packs of settings protocols that are sent to your browser when you visit our website. They help improve your engagement on the website. You are always at liberty to reject the cookies. You may experience some abnormalities with the website if you choose to do so though.

Company Transfer

Our company may be acquired by another party or company at any time. Your information as collected will be transferred to the new holding party. The new holder may choose to keep the policy as it is or change it. Continued use of the platform will be taken as consent to the new policy as it is.

Policy Changes

We can change the policy at any time when we deem it fit to do so. Communication will be done if any changes are made. We are not responsible for making sure you receive the communication though. If you continue to engage with and on the platform, it will be taken as consent to the policy as it stands.

Terms of Use

Using the website and our service is subject to terms and conditions. Visiting the website and engaging on it is taken has consent to be subject to these terms and conditions. The website is also subject to all other laws and regulations that govern such entities. As such you are subject to these laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions as well as any other governing laws and regulations, you are not allowed to land on the website. The content published on the website is protected by Copyright and Trademark Regulations.

Privacy Policy

Our servers collect personal, non-personal, identifying and non-identifying visitor information under various distinct circumstances. We have a privacy policy that seeks to safeguard the privacy of the visitors to our website. The policy is part of the terms of use. Any information collected from you is subject to that privacy policy at all times. By agreeing to these terms, you consent to the use of your information as per the policy.

Website’s Intellectual property

Any content published on the website from any party is our intellectual property. Visitors are not authorized to reproduce, republish, sell, rent or redistribute the said content with our permission. Any such action may attract a lawsuit or criminal charges.


Your engagement on the websites shall prescribe to the boundaries allowed by the applicable laws of the country from which you are visiting the website. Your interactions on the website shall not be offensive, obscene, derogatory, harassing or inconveniencing. You are not allowed to use the website for advertisements or any other commercial activities.

Restricted Access

We reserve the right to allows or deny access anyone access to the website. There are also restricted sections of the website. We reserve the right to admission to such sections. We may require personal identifying information in such instances. You must agree to a non-disclosure policy for you to be given access to the restricted areas.

Terms Changes

The terms may change at any given point. We have the right to change them when we deem fit to do so, so long as the changes are within the applicable laws and regulations. Proper communication will be done if any changes are made. Continued interaction with the website will be taken as consent to the new terms of use. If you do not agree with the terms as they are in part or in full at any point, you are not allowed to land on the website. If any of the clauses in terms of use are rendered illegal by court order or act of legislation, it will be scrapped off, whilst the other clauses will hold as they are.

Resources Use

The content we publish does not put our partners or us into any agreement with you. Your use of the resources herein is at your discretion. We shall not be liable for any risks, injuries, damages or losses suffered as a result of using the resources or information on the website.