LED grow lights have enabled farmers to propagate crops more efficiently. Whenever you purchase one of these grow lights, you need to know to use it properly, to the best results out of it. Many farmers tend to make simple mistakes with the LED grow lights, and they end up not serving them properly. We want to look at some of the common mistakes made with LED grow lights, and how to avoid them. You do not want to spend money buying and running an LED grow light, while it does not offer the needed efficiency.

Common Mistakes

Overheating the Plants

It is inevitable that the grow light will dissipate heat. The plants will receive this heat. At times the heat is great for the plant, while sometimes it is not. You notice that the plants are getting too much heat from the light when the leaves near the grow light start turning brownish. Under such circumstances, you need to find a way to move the light a bit further from the plants. Be careful not to interfere with the illumination. If the problem is with the heat dissipation system, you might need to repair or replace the light.

Insufficient Lighting

There is a delicate balance between providing sufficient light and too much light, and vice versa. Many people are not able to strike this intricate balance. You should purpose to be able to strike this balance if you need your plants to be healthy. Insufficient light will mean you are incurring energy costs, while the light is not offering the required support. On the other hand, too much illumination will damage the plants. Understand the luminosity of your light and the light intensity requirements of your light. You will be able to strike the balance if you understand these aspects.

Wrong Light Spectrum

Many of the LED grow lights comes with a full light spectrum. You need to know what spectrum is needed by your plants. The wrong spectrum will either waste the energy consumed by the light, or damage the plants. Plants in different stages also require illumination of different spectrums. For instance, plants in the vegetative stage need the blue spectrum. Setting the light to the red-spectrum will stall the growth of such plants.  You need to have a proper understanding of all these aspects so that you are in a position to provide the right conditions.

Wrong Light Schedule

LED grow lights are not left to illuminate the plants all the time. They need to be switched on an off periodically. Many people make a mistake of leaving the lights on all the time. The other common mistake is inverting the schedule. You switch the lights on when they should be off and vice versa. That will certainly have a negative effect on your plants. You can create a checklist for the schedule, to ensure you always get it right. This might sound like a trivial aspect but it is very crucial.

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