Meet Our Team


Kelvin K

Kelvin K is a large-scale farmer. He has been doing commercial farming for many years now. He started indoor plant cultivation five years ago. He says it has been an exciting journey for him. He cultivates flowers and vegetables. In his cultivation endeavors, he has managed to interact with various grow lights, tents, and fans. He is, therefore, such a great resource for us as far s such reviews are concerned. Kelvin is the guy who knows what light to use for what purpose and at what stage of plant growth. He has worked with a wide array of lights.

Kelvin is a big technology enthusiast too. He couples this enthusiasm with his love for farming to help in preparing various reviews about indoor cultivation equipment. Kelvin reviews various new equipment in the market and compares them against each other to see how well they perform. Kelvin loves to keep up with innovation in the LED grow lights realm. He loves to experiment with various lights on various plants. His reviews are very insightful and resourceful. He is a great writer too. He presents his discussions in a very clear and concise manner. He is a very active contributor to the writing team.

Victoria S

Victoria is a gardening enthusiast. She is a florist too. She has beautiful indoor gardens of distinct types of flowers at her home. She uses various grow lights, tents, and fans in her gardening endeavors. She loves to write too. She loves to share her experiences cultivating the flowers with the light and tent technology. Victoria shares her experience with us by writing reviews about how the various flowers react to different types of lights and tents. The helps us put various lights to the test too. She puts up the lights on her gardens and collects reaction data over time.

Victoria contributes to the writing team regularly. She puts together pieces offering insights about the best maintenance practices for the various lights and tents. She provides installation guides too. She loves to hear gardening success stories too. She says it pushed her to contribute even more. She has been doing indoor gardening with lights and tents for over three years now. She says innovative technologies have helped her grow beautiful and healthy flowers over the years. She believes flowers bring joy and have the power to lighten up your moods.