Indoor Grow Room for Cannabis

Growing cannabis is increasingly becoming a lucrative business venture for many people. More and more people are opting to venture into the marijuana world with the hope of making a profit. Things look promising as far as where the marijuana industry is headed. To grow cannabis, you have to be able to provide optimal growing conditions. The easiest way to do so is to create an indoor grow room. 

Constructing an indoor grow room is a whole course in itself. There is a lot of science behind the construction of such a structure. You have to ensure you can provide the ideal conditions for the growth of your weed plants. Many people are always inquiring about how an indoor grow room for growing cannabis is set up or constructed. We are going to provide answers in the guide that follows. Tag a long and learn how to set up marijuana grow room. 

We are going to break down the process into five major steps of setting up a marijuana grow room. 

Here we go!

1. Finding The Space and Cleaning It Up 

You will obviously need some space to set up your weed grow room. Some people come to use seeking to learn how to set up a grow room in a basement. You can have the best indoor marijuana setup wherever there is enough space. Take time to find an area within your premises where there is enough space to set up a grow room. Keep in mind that you will need a lot more room than just the size of the grow room. You should concentrate on areas where you can find as much free space as possible. Fresh air is a paramount aspect of the grow room, and space goes hand in hand with the presence of fresh air. 

Once you’ve identified your ideal space, you are going to need to clean it up. Cannabis plants and dirt do not auger well. You need to make sure the area where the grow room will be and anything around it is squeaky clean. You also need to ensure that the area has flat and smooth floors. The planting pots will need to be placed on flat surfaces so that they can be stable.

2. Setting Up the Grow Room

There are two ways in which you can create a grow room. If you have the expertise and the appropriate materials, you can create your own DIY grow room. That can be a bit tedious and time-consuming though. You could just purchase a grow tent if you can. The grow tent will be easy to set up, as it comes with instruction. 

The size of your grow room varies depending on how many plants you want to tend to. Take time to find out how much space you will need, and what the size of your grow tent will be. You are going to use these measurements while building the grow room. If you are buying a grow tent, there is no need to worry. The sizes of grow tents vary widely. There are mini ones and there are large ones that can fit many weed plants.

3. Getting Water Supply

Indoor Grow Room for Cannabis

The importance of adequate water supply to the grow tent does not need many explanations. It should be quite obvious that every plant needs adequate water in order to blossom well. Marijuana, in particular, requires a lot of water. If you are planning to tend to just a few plants, there might not be any need to have piped water around the grow room. You could just pour water on the plants using jerry-cans. 

If you will be tending to a considerable number of weed plants, jerry-cans will not be an option. You’ll have to ensure there is piped water close to the grow room, and preferably have some sprinklers that will be installed over the plants so that they can irrigate them whenever it is necessary. Your indoor grow room watering system should be working seamlessly. 

4. Setting Up Grow Lights, Lamps, and Ballasts

If you have studied anything about modern indoor farming, then you must have heard about grow light. Science dictates that plants require UV radiation and other forms of illumination in order to grow and yield properly. One of the prerequisites of photosynthesis is sunlight. If you are growing marijuana indoors, you will need to provide artificial sunlight. It is provided in the form of grow lights. You need to strategically set up the grow lights so that they will illuminate the plants in the most ideal angles. 

Also, you will need to have lamps in the grow room, so that you can see your way around while inspecting your plants. All these equipment needs to be strategically fit in before the plants are brought in. Take time to learn how the equipment should be set in relation to where the cannabis plants are going to be placed. Other equipment to be set up might include fans and alarms if there are needed. Ballast pots are also strategically placed all over the grow room. They are also important when it comes to controlling humidity and temperature in the room. You need to ensure that everything in your indoor grow room setup is strategically positioned. 

5. Bringing in the Soil Pots and the Plants

The last step of the how to set up a grow room guide is bringing in the plants. You can either bring in the plants are large plants that have been already planted in pots, or bring them in a seedling and get your own pots. You need to know how to mix up the soil you’ll plant the seedling in if you decide to go the seedling way. You’ll have to buy some fertilizers or hydroponic nutrients and ensure you provide the right blend of minerals in the soil you are planting the seedlings.

Whether you’ve brought in large marijuana plants or seedling, you need to know where to place them in relation to the equipment you’ve set up in the grow room. Each plant should receive enough irrigation from the sprinklers, and enough radiation from the grow lights. In your grow room setup, you need to ensure that every plant is easily accessible so that it is easy for you to investigate their condition from time to time. You should also ensure that you do not overcrowd your grow room. As we mentioned earlier, it is important for your plants to have some breathing space. Setting up an indoor grow room is not such a difficult task if you put your mind to it.