LED grow lights help our plants blossom into fruitful and beneficial crops. You need to use them properly if you want to enjoy those results though. One of the most common queries we get is about the distance you should place the grow light from your crops. We always seek to educate you on how best you can use your grow light to ensure you get the best out of it. You need to understand the features and parameters of your grow light so that you can install and operate it properly.

This is a comprehensive guide to where you should place your LED grow light in relation to where your plants are. Proper installation is the first step to ensuring you get a great service from your grow lights. The guide below will help you make the correct judgment.

How far from flower tops should an LED grow light be?

The distance needed between the LED grow light and the plant canopy differs from plant to plant and from light to light. As such, we advocate for understanding the light intensity requirements of your plants. That’s one of the bases of judging the best spot to place the light. Also, remember the grow light produces heat. You need to control this heat so that it is in acceptable levels. Generally, you should consider the following guidelines when trying to find that spot to place your LED grow light.

  • A general thumb rule directs that you should place the LED grow light 1 foot away from the canopy of your plants or flowers. However, this is just a safety rule. It is meant to ensure you do not put the light too close to the plants and destroy them. Use this rule only when you have no information about the specific requirements of the plants.
  • You could place the light closer or further from the plant’s canopy depending on the lights and plants you have. A great place to start is 6 inches, and then you closely monitor the reaction of the top leaves of flowers. If you notice any signs of withering, the illumination or heat might be too much and you need to move it back further. You will finally find the most ideal spot. Note that the illumination intensity weakens with distance. That is why it is not advisable to have the light too far back.

As you may have noticed, getting the most ideal spot to hang your light involves trial and error. It should not take long or be difficult either. Two tries will be enough to get you the right spot. The reason why there is no definite distance of separation is that different lights have different light intensities and different plants require different amounts of illumination. The exact distance, therefore, bows down to the type of plant you are growing, and the type of light you have. If you feel you cannot find the best spot, apply the 1-foot safe rule.

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