One of the biggest concerns when installing grow lights in your farm is energy consumptions. These lights are big and stay on for long hours. Bloated electricity bills are inevitable. In as much as they are quite helpful to the plants, no one wants to have to pay high energy costs every now and then. However, where there is ample sunshine, a farmer can take advantage of it and power their grow room with solar energy. You would not have to pay for electricity. Even if you would still have to pay for it, the costs would not be as big as they are when you use electricity alone.

In a bid to ensure you do not have to pay high energy bills. We have come up with a guide on how you can power your grow room with solar technology. You can power the lights, the fan, and virtually any other electronic device in the grow room using solar technology. Note that there is a high initial investment in the beginning. This initial cost tends to lock out many small-scale farmers. The reduction in power consumption that you have to pay for periodically is worth it in the long run though.

Powering Your Grow Room with Solar Technology

The first step towards powering you grow room with solar technology is to calculate your power consumption so that you know which solar power system you will require. You need to get the value of power you to grow room consumes in a day or month, to get a rough picture of the solar power system to install. Note that if your consumption is too low, it might not be liable to incur the costs of the solar power systems. It is recommended that you think of solar technology if your monthly power consumption is at least 450 kWh.

You also need to consider the amount of sunshine received in the area you are in. If the amount is too low, then there is no point in incurring the costs. If the area receives more than 2400 hours of sunshine in a year, then solar power is a viable option. To settle on the solar power system that you require, you need to divide the daily power consumption, with the hours of sunshine received in a day. Installing a solar power system can cost anywhere between $5000 and $15000 depending on various dynamics.

Before you pour your money into any solar power system, you should consider a few factors. First, ensure you can you have sufficient resources for the maintenance of the system. Just like any other electronic system, it is susceptible to breakdowns every now and then. You need to be able to conduct routine maintenance on it or have someone help you do it. Also, ensure the spare parts for the system are readily available. You will need to replace parts in the system from time to time. You do not want the system to stall just because you cannot find a certain replacement part.

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