Best LED Grow LightsThe whole idea of having a grow room and all the equipment inside it is to provide the optimal conditions for your plants to thrive. Therefore, you need to be hands-on in ensuring that these conditions are maintained at all times, in order to maximize your results. As such, we have come up with a checklist that you could routinely use to make sure you have the perfect conditions in your grow room. The checklist includes all the basic aspects you should check to ensure optimal conditions are maintained. You do not want to be incurring energy bills while your equipment is not working properly.

Daily Checklist


No grow room is complete without a grow light. Check the following aspects about your grow light.

  • Check the electricity consumption and the light’s timer. Ensure the consumption remains the same and the timer is working properly.
  • Ensure the hood of the light or the bulb are clean
  • Check whether the light is still plugged in properly into the socket


You may also have an irrigation system in your grow room. Check the following aspects.

  • Ensure the plants are getting the exact amount of water required. Not less and not more. If the irrigation system works with a timer, ensure it works optimally.
  • Ensure your water sources are sustainable. If you work with reservoirs that need to be refilled daily, do not forget to do so.

PH Levels

PH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in the soil or water used to grow your plants. You need to understand that exact PH conditions required by your plants.

  • Always ensure the PH of the water, and any other nutrients you feed to the plants are within the levels acceptable for that particular plant.


Temperature is one of the most important aspects of indoor plant growing. The plants require different temperatures at different times. You need to have a thermometer and a fan in the grow room to control these conditions well.

Make routine checks whenever the temperatures need to change, and adjust accordingly. Temperatures need to be checked more often in a day than any other aspect. Ensure you understand the temperature requirements of your plant well so that you can provide them optimally. Temperature is also controlled by ventilation of the grow room. Ensure the air movement in and out of the grow room is as it should be.


Humidity goes hand in hand with temperature. You need to understand the humidity requirements of your plants. The joy of having a grow room is that you can control the humidity in it, as opposed to an open space. Just like temperatures, plants require different levels of humidity at different times. Ensure you have a barometer in the grow room. Check the humidity whenever you check the temperature.

Routine checks are mandatory if you need your plants to blossom. The key is to understand the specific requirements of your plant. Once you understand these requirements, set up the checklist above with the specific values factored in. You should then be able to take good care of your plants.

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