Weed is slowly becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry. After discoveries of the positive effects of taking weed, more and more people are beginning to appreciate it. A lot of people cannot go without their weed fix nowadays. One of the most common ways of getting your weed fix is by grinding it into fine pollen, and smoking it, or adding it to food or beverage. A weed grinder is a small hand-held device that can be used to grind the weed.

In this article, we are going to explore the various weed grinders you can find on the market. Most people have been used to buying weed that has already been ground and rolled into cigarettes. After it has been made legal in various places around the world, more and more people are seeking tools such as grinders in order to transform the weed into the form that they prefer.

We get questions such as; Which is the best weed grinder? In the sections below, we have reviewed quite a number of grinders that will give you a good perspective of which ones are the best. In the process, you should also learn how to grind weed with a grinder. Tag along as we seek the best grinder for weed. 

Before we get started with the reviews, check out this comparison table.

Grinder Diameter (Inches)DesignMake Material
SwagSTR Pineapple Stash Weed Grinder
Kozo Best Herb Grinder
Golden Gate Herb Grinder

DCOU Hand Cranked Weed Grinder
Swag Gear Blue Mandala Weed Grinder
Golden Bell 4-Piece Herb Grinder
Golden Bell Ancient Silver Herb Grinder
iRany 5-Piece Spice Herb Grinder
2.15-pieceZinc alloy
Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder
1.6 4-pieceChromium
Moore Rainbow Metal Herb Grinder

1. SwagSTR Pineapple Stash Weed Grinder

SwagSTR Pineapple Stash Weed Grinder 

The SwagSTR Pineapple Stash Weed Grider comes in three parts. It has a premium titanium grinder, a UV stash jar, and a wood stash box. The wood stash box is for storing the jars. The UV stash jar is for storing ground weed.  The titanium grinder is extremely powerful and well-builts. Check out the list of features below. 


  • The titanium grinder has 50 diamond blades inside the grinding chamber 
  • The grinder features a neodymium magnet seal 
  • The storage jar has UV protection 
  • The wooden box has a lock and key for safety 


  • All the three parts have a strong construction 
  • The lock and key ensure your weed is safe 
  • All the materials used to make the grinder are BPA free 
  • The jars have an attractive finish 


  • The Stash Box is a bit too expensive for its size
  • The metal used to make the jar is a bit too thin and weak

2. Kozo Best Herb Grinder

Kozo Best Herb Grinder 

The Kozo Best Herb Grinder is a black aluminum weed grinder. The grinder is designed to be quite stable and to hold more ground material in order to grind a significant amount of weed without spilling it.

The grounds weed into a fluffy and even consistency. 


  • The grinder has a strong magnetic lid 
  • It is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy 
  • It comes with a scraper that helps you get the ground weed off the bottom plate 
  • It is fitted with a mesh screen 


  • The mesh screen filters the ground weed into fine particles 
  • The grinder is easy to use and handle 
  • It is well-built and strong 
  • It is easily portable 


  • It does not come with any packaging slip 
  • The grinder does not come with any user instructions 
  • The QR code for product registration does not work 

3. Golden Gate Herb Grinder

Golden Gate Herb Grinder 

The Golden Gate Herb Grinder is an anodized aluminium weed grinder. It is fitted with a pollen catcher to ensure it produces nothing but the finest ground weed. It also features sharp teeth that provide the ultimate griding experience. Some of its top features are listed below. 


  • The grinder has sharp diamond cutting teeth 
  • It has a powerful neodymium magnet lid 
  • It has a scratch-resistant finish 
  • It has a stainless steel mesh 


  • The grinder produces very fine ground weed 
  • It has a strong and durable build 
  • The grinder’s strong magnet cap holds on tightly 
  • It is lightweight and portable 


  • The grinder is a bit too shallow. It holds only an eighth of weed. 

4. DCOU Hand Cranked Weed Grinder 

DCOU Hand Cranked Weed Grinder 

There isn’t a better feeling than grinding your own weed, with your own hands. This tough aluminum grinder is fitted with a hand cranking system and a set of teeth on the inside that ensures your weed is ground in the best way possible.

It is without doubt the best hand crank herb grinder you can find on the market. We have summarized the performance of this grinder in the lists features, pros, and cons below.


  • The grinder is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum 
  • It has a 2.2 inches’ diameter 
  • It is equipped with 25 sharp teeth 
  • The hand cranking system works seamlessly 


  • It has a magnetic lid that ensures nothing is spilt 
  • The weed pollen produced is smooth, even, and fine 
  • The grinder is strongly-built and durable 
  • It comes with a scraper to ensure all the pollen is collected 


  • The grinder does not come with any user instructions 
  • It is a small-capacity grinder

5. Swag Gear Blue Mandala Weed Grinder

Swag Gear Blue Mandala Weed Grinder 

The Blue Mandala weed grinder from Swag Gear is a very interesting 4-piece zinc titanium grinder. This top-grade weed grinder is made from a single rod of galvanized stainless steel. It is then finished with a coat of zinc and then anodized to create a smooth, shiny, and scratch-free finish.  


  • The grinder is 2.5 inches’ wide 
  • It has 50 diamond cutting teeth 
  • It comes with a 100-micron stainless steel screen 
  • It is fitted with precision milled holes 


  • The grinder produces fine and even pollen 
  • The grinder has a high-quality construction 
  • It looks quite attractive 
  • It has finger grips that allow you to hold onto it tightly 


  • It is expensive for a grinder of its size 
  • The grinder has a small capacity

6. Golden Bell 4-Piece Herb Grinder 

Golden Bell 4-Piece Herb Grinder 

If you have been seeking a high-quality and attractive weed grinder that you can always brag with, the Golden Bell 4-Piece is a great option.

The grinder comes with 3 chambers that ensure the pollen produced is fine and high-quality. 


  • The grinder is made of a heavy-duty zinc alloy 
  • It comes with a stainless steel mesh screen 
  • It has a magnetized lid 
  • It is fitted with a thin poly o-ring 


  • The grinder has a strong and durable build 
  • The powerful neodymium magnet lid ensures it sticks on strongly 
  • The super sharp and well-position teeth ensure smooth grinding 
  • The grinder has an attractive exterior 


  • The grinder is very shallow. It doesn’t have much capacity 
  • The jar could use better threading

7. Golden Bell Ancient Silver Herb Grinder 

Golden Bell Ancient Silver Herb Grinder 

The Ancient Silver herb grinder from Golden Bell is yet another very attractive weed grinder. The grinder is not just about the looks though.

It grinds the weed quite impressively and produces fluffy pollen. It is a high-quality herb grinder that you’d be proud to have. 


  • The grinder has a diameter of 2 inches 
  • It has a 3-chamber design 
  • It features a heavy-duty zinc alloy construction 
  • The grinder has a double ring 


  • The grinder is stylish and attractive 
  • It is strongly built and durable 
  • It has sharp diamond-shaped teeth that deliver an impressive performance 
  • It is easy to use and easily portable 


  • The grinder is a little bit too little 
  • There are complaints about the paint chipping off

8. iRany 5-Piece Spice Herb Grinder

iRany 5-Piece Spice Herb Grinder 

The iRany 5-Piece spice herb grinder is another top-grade weed grinder. The grinder is lightweight but high-quality. The finish is also quite impressive.

The grinder comes with a lifetime warranty. That goes to show just how much confidence the manufacturers have in their product. 


  • The grinder is built with solid and durable zinc alloy 
  • It has a double ring-design 
  • It has a 2.1 inches’ diameter 
  • It comes with a 5-piece design 


  • The grinder has a strong build 
  • It boasts of an attractive finish 
  • It grounds quite smoothly and easily 
  • It has a well-built pollen catcher 


  • The teeth could be a bit sharper 
  • It is a small capacity grinder

9. Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder 

Chromium Crusher 4-Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder 

The Chromium Crush herb grinder is made with tobacco smokers in mind. It is a very ideal herb grinder for weed users as well.

This 4-piece grinder delivers an amazing grinding performance. The grinder has a heavy-duty and durable construction. The pollen it produces is quite impressive as well. 


  • The grinder has a diameter of 1.6 inches 
  • The grinder comes with a double ring 
  • It has a 4-piece design 
  • It has a heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction 


  • The chromium crusher is durably built 
  • It produces fines and evenly ground pollen 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty 
  • It is made with BPA-free food-grade materials 


  • It has a small capacity 
  • Some of the flower often gets stuck at the top

10. Moore Rainbow Metal Herb Grinder 

Moore Rainbow Metal Herb Grinder 

The Moore Rainbow Metal Herb grinder is a colorful weed grinder that has a smooth performance. The grinder has a special design that involves 4-pieces and 3-grinding chambers. It is a high-quality grinder that anyone would love to have. It is arguably the best marijuana grinder in this review. 


  • The grinder has a zinc alloy construction 
  • It has a 1.5 inches’ diameter
  • It has rainbow colors 
  • It comes with a thin poly 0-ring 


  • The grinder delivers a smooth grinding action 
  • The pollen produced is impressively smooth and even 
  • It is small compact and easily portable 
  • It is attractive, cool, and fashionable 


  • The finish wears out too soon 
  • The grinder is quite small

From the reviews above, you must have noted a couple of aspects that you ought to consider before choosing a weed grinder. The idea is to ensure you get the weed grinder that can serve you best. One of the most pertinent issues is the quality of the pollen produced. You need to ensure you get a grinder with sharp and even teeth, plus a good screen or sieve. A combination of these two will ensure you get fine and even weed pollen. 

The other issue is the build quality of the grinder. The last thing you need is to pay for a poorly build grinder that will break on you within a few uses. Weed grinders are usually small objects and there are some unscrupulous manufacturers who will produce some very substandard grinders.  Last but not least, everyone loves to have an attractive object. This is a trick manufacturers use to attract buyers to their grinders. Take time to compare various grinders and find one that appeals to you. You should not compromise on the quality of build and performance because of aesthetics though. 


Weed conversations are becoming more and more interesting by each daylight. Since it is a relatively new industry, manufacturers are seeking to capture a part of the industry by making weed-user tools such as grinders. The weed grinders we’ve reviewed above are actually multi-function. They can be used to ground spices as well. They are quite ideal for weed users though. One of these grinders would certainly be a great option if you travel a lot. You would certainly love to have one of them in your hands.

As mentioned earlier, weed grinding is a new concept to many of those buying weed for personal consumption in weed dispensaries. However, choosing one does not have to be such a headache. With a little bit of exploration, you should be able to identify one weed grinder that would serve your best. We are certain that one of these grinders will help you get that all-important fix you have been seeking. You’ll certainly find the best herb grinder for yourself among the ones reviewed above.