About Us

At Uptheproduction.com we seek to bring you up to date with the best indoor cultivation technologies. We go out of our way to explore various indoor cultivation equipment to ensure you get the best experience. We look into grow lights, grow tents, grow room fans and many other types of equipment. There are many brands and models of this equipment. We reckon that it is never easy to pinpoint the best one among the many types. Our job is to make sure you make the best choice. We are enthusiasts and experts in matters of indoor cultivation. We endeavor to keep you update about the latest indoor cultivation technology as well as give you insights into the best cultivation practices.

How Do We Help?

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned indoor plants cultivator, you will find our website very resourceful. We publish reviews of the best indoor plant cultivation equipment. We will let you know which is the best equipment to use for a specific purpose. We will tell you how to use it best. This includes getting the best performance out of it and maintaining it well so that it lasts longer. We will help you understand the technical aspect of this equipment so that you can get the equipment that can serve you best. We do all these to make sure you spend your money only on that equipment that can serve you best.

How Do We Tell What’s Best?

We put our best foot forward to collect and present resourceful, objective and factual information. We explore various brands and models of indoor cultivation equipment to establish how they compare against each other. We go the extra mile to put the equipment to real tests to establish how efficient they are. We then compile the best reviews. The reviews are supposed to help you narrow down to the best-suited equipment.

Manufacturers and vendors will most likely not disclose all the information about the products they sell, especially the negative aspects. We have experts who scrutinize the various products that we feature to establish how effective they are. We also engage third parties and customers who have bought the products before. The customers give their personal user experience. We endeavor to ensure our reviews are unbiased and based on factual information.

The reviews do not seek to influence perceptions but rather seeks to inform and put you in a better position to make an informed choice. You don’t want to spend money on an ineffective product. Whether it grow light or fan, it should provide the required environment for your plants.

Best Prices

Indoor cultivations can turn out to be very costly if you don’t have the right information. We seek to connect you to the best products with the best prices. You should always get value for the money you spend. You should not be over-charged for any product, neither should you get an ineffective product. We derive immense pleasure in being able to help you get the best out of your cultivation efforts.