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CEO & Editor-in-Chief

uptheproductionRonald Janson, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief, is an avid technology enthusiast. Jason has been in the technology industry for over 10 years. He has managed to gather a considerable wealth of knowledge in matters technology over that period. Today, Jason has dedicated his time to exploring various new and innovative technologies. He believes many of the challenges facing humankind today have a solution within technology. The loves to reference the many way in which technology has brought civilization to human life. He has travelled across the world, to experience different technologies from different diversities. He loves to listen to different views and perspectives about technology.

Jason also loves to share knowledge. It is that love that drives him to be part of this incredible platform. Jason is fascinated by how technology is applied in farming. He believes indoor farming will continue to replace conventional farming with time. He loves to travel to Israel. Israel is known to have the best indoor farming practices. He is fascinated by how technology has made farming possible in a desert country like Israel. He loves to use the platform to share factual and objective information. He believes the reviews published on the platform can help many farmers get the right gadgets for their plants.

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